Auger Filler Half Pneumatic Machine (For Powder)

Auger Filler Half Pneumatic Machine (For Powder)

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Technical Specications:

Filling System:Adjustable Auger Filling
Filling Accuracy:+/- 1 to 2% Depend upon nature of product
Type of Sealing:Center Seal, / three side seal
Filling Range:50gm to 500gm
Packing material:Sticky Powder
Size of Bag/ Pouch:W-100 to 360mm L-80 to 130mm
Machine Size:2500mm x 800mm x900mm (H x W x L)
Wooden Case:2650mm x 1000mm x 1000mm (H x W x L)
Contact Par:Ss 304
Power:220v Ac Single Phase And Three Phase
Optional:Bantch Coding Device, Auto Lubricant Device, Gas Flushing Device